Rainbows and Sunshine, Ages 6 to 11


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Visit airy-melody.com to hear samples of the guided imagery on this healing/relaxation CD for children ages 6 to 11.


This charming children s relaxation CD includes three narratives designed with input from pediatricians and psychologists, and based on clinically proven techniques that help activate the body s natural healing process. Each narrative is set to peaceful music designed according to best practices for relaxation music.

Rainbows Relaxation story (21:37)- Listeners drift on a cloud through a rainbow and into a bubble of healing light. Children fall asleep with positive, happy, thoughts. Set to soothing guitar and string music. Includes two enchanting songs about nature: Sunlight and Beautiful Rainbows.

Sunshine Relaxation Narrative - Children learn proven techniques to relax, fall asleep, and cope with daytime stress. Children sleep through the night (with less night terrors and nightmares) and wake up in a better mood. Set to Pamela s Paradise, a relaxation composition featuring strings, flutes, and gentle waves.

Blanket of Light Stress Buster (5:37) A soothing narrative set to acoustic guitar and waves.. This narrative is appropriate for daytime or bedtime use.

Safe for hospital use; nurses in Boston Children s Hospital use them on the transplant floor to reduce anxiety, manage pain, promote healing, and help patients fall asleep at bedtime.
Patients in hospitals tend to be more sensitive to certain types of imagery. Our review process, which included child psychologists in Dana Farber hospital, ensures that our imagery and suggestions are not apt to trigger anxiety in medical settings. ....Dr Daniel Kohen recommends that you preview any narrative before playing it for your child; you know your child better than any one else!

Expertly designed for ages 6 to 11.
A 3-year old is different from a 9-year old! Our CDs uses various age-appropriate techniques proven to work for that age group.

Great for travel!
It can be hard to fall asleep in a different place! This CD can help you maintain a consistent routine when you travel. Play it for your child on the airplane or at Grandma s house. Spend more time with your relatives while your child quietly falls asleep with positive thoughts and images.

Teach your child stress-reduction techniques to cope with anxiety.
Children learn stress reduction techniques that they can use at home, school, or in medical settings. This CD has also proven to be a useful tool for children with special needs such as ADD, OCD, PTSD, and autism.

Created with pediatricians using scientifically proven techniques !
The narratives on this CD were reviewed and edited by experts. Each narrative utilizes different age-appropriate relaxation and healing techniques, such as guided imagery for children. These techniques have been clinically proven to relax; help listeners quickly fall into a peaceful sleep; reduce anxiety and depression; accelerate bone and tissue healing; help manage pain; reduce the incidence of asthma and IBS attacks; reduce the incidence of night terrors and nightmares; reduce nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy. .. the list goes on and on!

Music designed to help invoke the relaxation response.
The accompaniments to these CDs were written at the tempo that has been shown most likely to invoke the ¬¬relaxation response.


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