Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Gamecube


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Finally...the first multiplayer Final Fantasy game, available on home consoles in the US, has arrived! Using Game Boy Advance units as controllers to receive unique information, up to 4 players embark on this real-time, hack-and-slash journey through a poisoned world. Communication and teamwork are vital for survival in this latest Final Fantasy epic.


  • Explore wilderness, caverns, incredible dungeons and more -- gorgeous, realistic graphics in three-quarter perspective
  • Use magic and special attacks in exciting real-time battles -- and use teamwork to overcome the deadliest creatures on the planet
  • Exciting four-player team action, as you hack and slash through a world of monsters
  • Up to three friends can join in, using their Game Boy Advance systems as controllers
  • Players can use the GBA screen to access menus, organize their spell spheres, and perform upgrades -- without slowing down the onscreen action


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