Crusader Kings


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You are the leader of a glorious dynasty. Amass prestige and piety and the world will whisper your name in awe. Increase the greatness of your lands and your treasure coffins, build Cathedrals and Castles, and combat Highway Robber Bands and defecting vassals. Introduce laws and set taxes, interact with hundreds of courtiers and nobles. Historical multiple choice events will spawn from the actions of your monarch. Can you organize defense at home while mustering a great army? Will you concert other monarchs, and the Pope, under your leadership to liberate the Holy Land? Do you have what it takes to become a Crusader King?


  • Play as any of the legendary religious orders - the Knights Templars, Knights of St John, The Order of Calatrava and the Order of Santiago
  • Fight in the Crusades to earn rewards from the Pope, defend against the Mongols and make deals with the feudal lords and bishops that rule the various provinces
  • Even plays games that were saved & converted to Europa Universalis II -- for gameplay that lasts through the centuries


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