Asgard Stories: Tales from Norse Mythology (Classic Reprint)


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This little volume is the outcome of several years experience in telling to classes of children the classic myths, both southern and northern. The insight and interest displayed by the children encourage the authors to hope that other teachers and pupils may enjoy the myths here reproduced. The interest shown at present in the teaching of myths to children seems to call for some such simple volume, giving theN orse myths in suitable form for use with pupils as well as for the childrens home reading. There are various collections of the Greek tales, but the books dealing with theN orse myths seem to be more or less cumbered with detail, and, therefore, not adapted to very young readers. The experience of the authors satisfies them that the teaching of myths should begin with those of theN orth, and that the Greek tales should be given later, with comparisons and references to theN orse myths. The stories which were dear to our own northern forefathers stir our children more deeply and are more congenial to them than those which come down to us from the Greeks. This is perfectly reasonable.
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