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Putty is Back

A timeless classic is reborn! Putty Squad returns in a reimagined, stunningly vibrant rendition of the popular platformer from the 90’s! Help the beloved blue blob rescue his friends in the quirky adventure that has you inflating, stretching, squishing, morphing, and punching your way to victory! Set in a lush, 2D world filled with humorous but deadly enemies, Putty Squad offers the best in old-school gaming while bringing you exciting and fully immersive, challenging gameplay.

Collect stars and power-ups throughout your journey
Flatten, expand, and distort yourself to capture and defeat enemies.
Over 50 levels full of unexpected surprises

Your fellow putties are in danger and it’s up to you to save them. Jump into the often outlandish, totally addicting, retro-licious game that has been completely redrawn and re-rendered with a modern twist. Featuring a brand new Tutorial Mode, new moves, global leaderboards, achievements and more, Putty Squad is back and better than ever.

Key Features:
  • Marathon Mode allows players to move through the game, level by putty-loving level. Move along the Putty World Progression Map or take a step back to improve your star rating.
  • In Challenge Mode, players pick a world and take on the challenges of Putty Squad perfection, going for gold stars on 7 set tasks within each world.
  • Putty Squad has undergone a complete graphical overhaul, with every level of the game put through a modern makeover.
  • Features full trophy and avatar support, brand new location-based unlockables, and hours upon hours of entertaining gameplay!


  • Re-imagined retro action for a modern, immersive and rewarding gaming experience
  • New gameplay modes, including Challenge and Marathon
  • Global leaderboards
  • All-new moves and features including a tutorial, map mode, and stickers to collect


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