Poetry: Tools & Techniques: A Practical Guide to Writing Engaging Poetry


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Want to improve your craft? Then this is a good place to start. Poems do not simply happen, they are made – Poetry: Tools & Techniques shows how to make them. In plain, straight-forward language, this practical guide introduces the devices and techniques used by successful poets. Poetry: Tools & Techniques is a starting point for writers to find their own direction rather than a definitive textbook on how to write in the proper and approved manner. Poetry: Tools & Techniques investigates the structure of language and how it conveys meaning – and from that shows how to create and use a poetic, a philosophy of language, to shape and inform your writing. The book encourages poets to explore the limits of language and discover how to make language speak beyond itself – to make language say what it was not designed to say, to express the inexpressible. Poetry: Tools & Techniques provides an introduction to the basic elements of poetry – metaphor, imagery, punctuation, syntax, rhythm, etc. – the actual techniques and devices that go into making a poem, right down to the nuts and bolts structural parts of language – the conjunctions, prepositions, articles, etc. – and shows how they affect poetic language. Whether you are a beginning poet or an experienced writer, Poetry: Tools & Techniques will help you improve your craft.

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