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The new alternative to screen-printing. Print your own t-shirts and textiles using the power of sunlight. Inkodye's color develops in sunlight making it easier than ever to print your own durable designs on cotton or any natural fabric, without costly screen-printing equipment. Your wardrobe is a blank canvas. The kit makes approximately 4 prints (12x12 inches) and includes free access to an online video workshop with Lumi founder, Jesse Genet. DIRECTIONS: Snap Inkodye packet and spread it onto the fabric. Blot out excess using a paper towel. Create your design using Inkofilm or anything that casts a shadow. Expose to sunlight or bright UV light for 10-20 minutes or until color reaches full saturation. Machine wash using Inkowash to remove unexposed dye. Double your exposure time in overcast weather.


  • Kit contains: 1x Plum, 1x Blue, 2x Black Snap Packs; 2 Inkowash Sachets; 4 Inkofilm 8.5" Inkjet Films; Project Board; Test Negative; Instructions
  • Inkodye is an amazing new way to print t-shirts and textiles. Its color develops and binds permanently when exposed to bright sunlight or UV
  • Inkodye can be brushed, rolled, dipped, stamped, stenciled, screen printed, and more!
  • Inkodye binds permanently to any natural fabric such as cotton, rayon, linen, canvas, silk, and more
  • Results are soft to the touch and can be machine-washed without fading


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