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For what would adventure be, without the element of uncertainty ? With the help of Raphael, your father's assistant, it is now down to you to solve the mystery. You will examine archaeological sites, cross the Mexican jungle, take an in-depth look at Monument Valley, pursue your investigation as far as Washington, seek out advice from a friend in Navajo, and uncover yet more secrets in a wide range of locations steeped in mystery.

According to ancient Mayan beliefs, all the fragments of the calendar must be reassembled before 21st December 2012. Some people fear that this prophecy will have unimaginable consequences. Religious beliefs aside, Jennifer is somehow linked to this calendar more than she could possibly imagine. This is your chance to discover the secrets of the Mayan relics in an adventure simply filled with twists and turns.

You will find yourself plunged into the heart of a story whose plot rivals that of some of the greatest adventure novels. You will have to have your wits about you in this truly unprecedented hidden objects quest.

System Requirements
 Minimum Specifications:
OS:Mac OS X 10.6.6
Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz
RAM:512 MB
Hard Drive:150 MB
Video Card:OpenGL 1.2 minimum
Additional Info:DirectX 8.1 Compatible


  • An original storyline
  • Historical locations
  • A keep-you-guessing plot
  • Realistic screenshots and a varied soundtrack
  • Several mini games to unlock


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