Huion 23.5 Inch Light Tracer Photography ArtCraft Light Box – A3 w/ Pucks and Tracing Paper


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Huion A3 Light Box is ideal for artists, crafters, designers and photographers for use with craft projects, fabric design, transferring sketches or designs, lettering, and transparencies and more!

Dimmable Brightness

Once this light box is connected to power, you can adjust the light by simply touching the switch till you find the brightness of what you need. With a compact and elegant light box design, the uniform lighting of Huion A3 light tracing box prevents hot spots.

Super Slim

It is considered to be one of the slimmest Light Box in the field as it is only 7.33mm in measure of thickness.

Eyesight-protected Technology

An Eyesight-protected Technology is built for this light box so you will be less likely to get sore eyes after long-hour working. What's more, Super bright LED lamps provide a perfectly even illuminated surface which is perfect for scrapbooking, calligraphy, sewing, quilting, stenciling, and more.

Use of Huion A3 LED Light Tracing Box

a) Professional Copy in Animation, Cartoon
b) Animation Creation Enthusiasts
c) Animation Teaching
d) Professional Tracing in Indoor, Architecture, Costume, Design and Drawing
e) As X-ray to Check Bone Film in Hospital

What's in the Box

1. Huion A3 Light Tracing Box x1
2. DC Adapter - 12V x1
3. Light Box Puck x2
4. Tracing Paper x5


  • Up-grader version of Huion A3 Light Box
  • Super bright LED lamps provides a perfectly even illuminated surface
  • Diagonally Length: 23.5 Inches; Working Surface: 16 by 12 Inches
  • Adjustable/Dimmable LED Light; Luminous flux: 1800~2100 mcd
  • Comes with two pad pucks and five pieces of tracing paper.


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