Great Invasions: The Dark Ages “350-1066 AD” (PC Games)


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Great Invasions PC game brings you back into the dark age of Europe, a time in history where barbarian tribes and nation states quarreled, warred and conquered each other as the fate of the western world unfolded. Great Invasions allows you to lead armies in the epic conquest of Europe! By force or diplomacy dominance must be established! Live the greatest moments of the times! This historically accurate recreation allows you to encounter over 150 nations / tribes, more than 30 religions and heresies, as well as thousands of historical characters drawn from the pages of world's richest historical sources. Great Invasions is an extremely elaborate real-time strategy game covering over 700 years of history. Put your leadership and visionary skills to the test and drive your population to the dawn of the Middle Ages! Great Invasions puts you in command of one or more of Europe's nations between 375 and 1066... you decide their path... and their fate!


  • Great Invasions is based on pure historical facts designed in collaboration with historians and includes 150 historical events and over 3700 key figures of this period.
  • Manage the finances, diplomatic, religious and military needs of a nation.
  • Apart from managing the conflicts between borders, you must control population migrations, heresies and confront the fall of kingdoms and empires facing barbarian attacks.
  • Manage up to 10 populations simultaneously, selecting them via a bidding system with over 80 difference nations.
  • For Windows 2000, XP


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