Foundations of Business

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Foundations of Business, 3E gives students the comprehensive preparation they'll need to SUCCEED in today's competitive business world. By providing a brief survey of the major functional areas of business, including management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and information technology, this text introduces the reader to core business practices. In addition, the authors address other important concepts such as ethics and social responsibility, forms of ownership, small business and entrepreneurship, and international business. This edition is filled with cutting-edge content, including up-to-date information on the economic crisis, social networking, competition in the global marketplace, and the green movement, as well as suggestions on how to manage a business in the midst of economic ups and downs. An abundance of study aids is also available within the text and on the student companion website to help you achieve SUCCESS in the course and today's competitive business world.


  • The theme of SUCCESS is highlighted throughout this new edition to give students an insight into best practices for attaining business and career goals.
  • "Why You Should Care" features begin each chapter to help students grasp the relevance of business in their lives and guide them in their study.
  • "Learning Objectives" throughout each chapter remind students of the core concepts under discussion.
  • "Concept Checks" at the end of each major topic help students self-check their understanding of each important concept.
  • "Test Yourself" quizzes at the end of each chapter help student prepare for exams and gauge their mastery of key concepts and terminology.


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