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The King James Version(KJV) of the Holy Bible DIGITAL eComPress version

NEW Powerful eComPress version with very powerful SEARCH and ANNOTATION facility

The eComPress KJV is the ultimate digital book replacement and collaboration tool. NOW available with turbosearch - guaranteed to find anything and everything with the index

What is eComPress?

The eComPress digital KJV is permanently compressed and uniquely encoded to protect the integrity of the content in perpetuity, and includes very powerful searching with all words, numbers and alpha-numerics indexed and able to be quickly and precisely found without superfluous results being displayed. eComPress also includes a powerful Notes annotation facility, with Notes able to be easily shared in context with other users (Collaborate in Context), and all Notes automatically transcribed in context to new and revised editions. The eComPress technology is designed and developed by Eurofield Information Solutions (EIS).

The eComPress advantage

The eComPress KJV has the same look and feel of the book, but with all the power and speed of current computing technology.

Ease-of use

The eComPress KJV is easy to install and use, with a built-in secure viewer and requires no special training. Search results are displayed in context, and the navigation pane is synchronized with the content to ensure you are never lost, and always know precisely where you are in the KJV.


The viewing panes and font sizes are customizable and you can Search and view up to four books of the KJV simultaneously with the adjustable MultiView screen.


eComPress publications are authentic, with the content uniquely encoded at a bit level so it can't be changed, and the content is also protected with a 32 bit CRC to ensure it is never corrupted, truncated or contaminated in transit.

Easy Navigation

The Tree Table of Contents is always synchronized with the content, and clearly shows search hits in the tree with the HitMap (Green dots) and the HitCount numbers shown in red.

Searching and Spelling

All words, number and alpha-numerics are indexed and searchable, with any number of single ? and multiple character * wildcards supported, and logical searching with AND (&) and OR (|), and string searching to find "and begat a son". eComPress also incorporates Pre-emptive Search Spelling Help (PSSH), which provides a pull-down list of suggested Words after you key only three characters, even if you spell the Term incorrectly. The dictionary for PSSH is based on the content of the KJV, and the suggestions are always relevant.

Speed and Accuracy

eComPress is very FAST, and allows you to find what you need quickly and easily. Even downloading and installing the eComPress KJV is FAST and easy because it is permanently compressed to less than one tenth the size.


User Notes give you the ability to annotate in context with text, web and e-mail addresses, documents, images etc. Share and receive Notes with other eComPress KJV users. Notes are never lost and automatically transcribe in context to new editions.


The eComPress KJV is very secure, with multiple overlapping security to protect the content, the user and the publisher, all encapsulated in a VeriSign 2048bit Code signed viewer.

Print or Drag and drop text from the eComPress KJV into Word and other Windows applications with all the formatting preserved.

Who is EIS?

The award winning eComPress® technology was developed by Eurofield Information Solutions - www.eis-usa.com

System Requirements:
  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP]
  • Processor:   All PC's
  • RAM:   250MB
  • Hard Disk:   2.6MB
  • Video Card:   All

Recommended System Requirements:
  • Recommended Processor:   MS Windows or Windows Emulator


  • Fully Indexed and Searchable - guaranteed to find what you are looking for
  • Intuitive Built-in Secure Viewer App - Copy & Paste, Drag & Drop, adjust the font size etc.
  • MultiView - Search and view up to four books at the same time
  • Notes - Bookmark and Collaborate in Context with other users using email
  • Downloads in Seconds for Instant Off-line Access with the Drag-on icon on your desktop


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