Drama High: No Mercy (Volume 16)


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Misty and the rest of Esmeralda's evil brood are busy concocting a sinister plan to not only destroy Jayd and the rest of her powerful lineage, but Esmeralda and Rousseau are also using their powers to take over G's drug business. Mama's in and out of a dangerous dream state due to Esmeralda's wicked manipulation and unable to properly shut her evil neighbor down. Jayd's left to deal with her own clients, Mama's spirit business, and her drama-filled friends' lives. Somehow Jayd still finds time to manage her busy school schedule, getting to know her new beau, Keenan better, and spending more time with her best friend, Chase. Will Jayd crash and burn under the pressure, or will she grow into the young and powerful priestess she's destined to become?


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