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With millions of records sold worldwide the purveyors of sides steeped in funk and groove, DTTB, the brainchild of producer Stuart Wade swings for the fences once again with this assemblage of fresh new cuts that accentuate the fat and funky, with grooves so thick that you fall right into them. Trademark tight rhythm and horn sections provide the underbelly of all of the compositions, woven tightly with the right solos in the right places.

This franchise outfit born on the streets and in clubs of London has truly established a sound all their own and 'Dig it' again does not disappoint. It's all about the groove and nobody does it better than Wade as he takes you through this scintillating set that never lets down and will keep your head bobbin' and feet tappin'. Enlisting the help of label mate and genre star in his own right Oli Silk, the tunes take on another dimension with Silk's dynamic flair and smart solos.

'Dig it' keeps the DDTB momentum rolling right along and fans worldwide will rejoice at the thought of ten new sides to carry them and their need to move and groove into the new year and beyond. The hit radio single 'The Sweetness' hits the airwaves in February and the title suggests it all. 'Dig it' is all about the flavor, sweet to the ears, and will put a swing in your step and a stir in your soul.


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