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  • What's New in Version 0.5.0
  • The Arena Of Death (Welcome to the place where the weak are crushed and the strong rule forever. Kill zombies in a variety of gruesome ways to amuse the bloodthirsty audience. Compete against others, challenge your friends and become a legend!)
  • Leaderboard (A new feature that allows you to set the leaderboard to display the results of your friends so that you can compare scores.)
  • Ejecting Traps (In the Arena you can build traps that kill the zombies by catapulting their rotten bodies high into the air. The building proces is the same as with building barricades, but the effect is way more fun. )
  • Lucky Boxes (When a lucky box pops up in the Arena, run through it to temporarily improve your skills. There are several types of boxes)
  • New zombies (Check out the new faces of our zombie friends. Now, you can practice your bloody surgery on nurse, construction-worker and prostitute zombies.)
  • Warfare (When the fight for humanity finishes in Europe, don't expect an end to the world's troubles. The Global Resistance will be called upon once again to take action in a new liberation campaign in America.)
  • 50% Discount For Starter Packs (Enjoy our new and improved starter packs now for half price! According to your killer style, choose your favorite: Starter Pack, Chicken Pack, Heavy Pack or Premium Pack.)
  • Environments (Town and dam reservoir are new environments, where zombie killers will rendez vous with those of the infected flesh and have a little fun. Now you can play at nighttime and enjoy and even more spooky atmosphere.)


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