Art Assessments: Tests, Quizzes, Benchmarks, Exams, Rubrics, and More for Art Teachers


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Created by the author of the bestselling art education book, "The Art Student's Workbook," Art Assessments includes various forms of art based evaluations from open ended responses, to traditional tests and quizzes, to daily class closure. Designed for middle school and high school art classes, this book includes a lot more, PLUS your purchase also entitles you to make copies for all your students! "Enclosed in this book are all of my exams, quizzes, tests, benchmarks, rubrics, and written assignments that I have developed over that last quarter century in my classroom. You are welcome to photo copy these pages for your students, or use the ideas I have included and augment them for your own program." This book includes tests in multiple formats of open ended, formative, interim, and summative assessments including scantron, fill-in, multiple choice, performance based assessments, interval skills assessments, and altered formats to meet 504/IEP requirements. Other assessments include open ended responses, core curriculum connections, project and testing rubrics, review guides, research paper guidelines and samples, art history introductions and worksheets, skills based assessments, vocabulary worksheets, perspective supplements, portraiture scale information, note taking pages, sub plan video worksheets, critique worksheets and sample, self evaluation forms, testing exemplars, daily closure and exit slips, and nearly 140 sketchbook ideas! With states imposing testing, created by people who have never stepped into a classroom, much less an art classroom, this book offers assessments that an actual art teacher has used and improved over 20 years.


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