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DOS 5.0 or higher. May work on Windows 95. Advanced Civilization tracks man's progress throughout antiquity as one to eight players vie to form the dominant culture by acquisition of such tools as Pottery, Metalworking, Mining, Coinage, Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology against the backdrop of an ever-changing world rife with natural and manmade threats to sidetrack the unwary. Play alone against two-to-seven computer opponents or substitute as many human opponents as you can muster.


  • Based on the boardgame with same name this game places you as a nation in the Mediterranean to rise and become the supreme ruler
  • Spanning about 8000 years, it covers the development of ancient civilizations from the start of agriculture to the emergence of Rome as the domimant power
  • Although military strategies are possible it's far from any wargame as the main goal is to gain an overall advancement involving cultural, economic, political and religious powers
  • The battles which emerge are normally the result of shortage of land rather than attempts to eliminate other nations
  • The player who effectively balances each aspect of the game will build the strongest civilization and win the game.


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