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Tomorrow's War is Now!Product InformationRipped from today’s headlines Act of War: Direct Action is a frightening taleof suspense international intrigue and geopolitical military conflict. Thisreal-time strategy experience puts you squarely in control of counterterroristforces and delivers a first look at tomorrow's war. Including ultra-realisticmodern military warfare chilling storyline powerhouse media convergenceintense multiplayer options and graphic detail.The Situation - The world has changed.  A crippling energy crisishas forced gas prices past $7 a gallon and sent the American economy into afrightening tailspin.. Terrorist factions have taken advantage of this severeinstability striking the nation regularly without warning.  Fallout from this collapse has been devastating.  The U.S. and the world are experiencingunprecedented disorder driven by carefully orchestrated behind-closed-doorsevents..The Enemy - In the midst of persistent terrorist attacks the U.S. Armyhas a redefined primary directive: defend the country and ensure homelandsecurity at all costs.  On the offensive is a new direct action operationTask Force TALON deployed to worldwide hotspots to engage an unseenunpredictable enemy.  Led by controversial U.S. Army Brigadier-GeneralJason Richter TALON carries out search-and-destroy assaults delicate hostageextractions classified spy missions whatever it takes to restore stability asthe face of war continues to change.Action - Heavily armed professional terrorists financed by a shadowybackroom Consortium are carrying out well-coordinated attacks on American soiland elsewhere.  Their terror tactics continue to inject chaos into majorcities throughout the world.Product Features Command highly realistic modern military units Experience unique gameplay through a seamless convergence of movie-quality cinematics and live action Skirmish with up to eight players in a va


  • Control counter-terrorist forces in this real-time strategy experience
  • Suspense, international intrigue, and geopolitical military conflict
  • Command highly realistic modern military units; movie-quality cinematics
  • Capture enemy soldiers, rescue hostages, and occupy or destroy buildings
  • Skirmish with up to 8 players in a variety of intense multiplayer operations


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