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Go Courseware: IQChinese courseware is fully integrated Chinese language software that offers an easy, enjoyable and effective learning experience for learners of Chinese as a foreigner language. IQChinese GO courseware is an eight level series, with each level containing ten lessons. Each lesson introduces 12 new, high-frequency Chinese words as well as includes a section for reading, chanting, grammar, sentence building, word games and 4 quizzes. Each level of Go has the option of being used in Traditional or Simplified Chinese, so you can learn both if you want! Go100-400: Beginner courseware that introduces simple words and phrases. The topics are simple, yet relevant to everyday life. By the end, students can hold a basic conversation and have a rich vocabulary. Go500-800: For intermediate to advanced learners. The lessons use stories revolving around a Chinese-American family in order to teach more about Chinese culture and community. Learners are challenged with advanced readings and sentence exercises. Learning via Typing Makes Learning Chinese Easier Than Conventional Methods: There are three primary challenges when learning Chinese: Pronunciation and Intonation, too many homophones to remember, and too many characters to learn. Learning via typing can eliminate the confusion and difficulty for the Chinese language learner. IQChinese courseware provides a "built-in" voice tutor, providing correct pronunciation 24/7. Our focus is on typing characters, not writing them, which increases character recognition and speeds up learning time. With this method, users are trained to be able to type Chinese on a computer or any electronic device, which is useful for our technology-driven world. After learning with IQChinese courseware for one week, users can increase their typing speed from 3 characters per minute to 36 characters per minute.


  • Significantly Increase the Motivation for Learning Chinese - over 92% of users state that they enjoy learning Chinese and were more proactive in their learning when using the IQChinese Type to Learn courseware
  • Increase Vocabulary - learners can at least double their Chinese vocabulary after one month (about 20 hours) of studying
  • Adapt Chinese into Daily Life - our overall learning approach helps users to incorporate Mandarin into their daily lives so that they can speak to Chinese friends, watch Chinese television/movies, and read Chinese newspapers/books
  • Use Chinese to Express Yourself - being able to type Chinese allows you to immediately connect with Chinese friends and colleagues worldwide
  • Learn the complete Mandarin system - Go courseware teaches users both the Chinese character and Pinyin systems so they are fully equipped to function in a Chinese speaking environment

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Use Chinese to Express Yourself – being able to type Chinese allows you to immediately connect with Chinese friends and colleagues worldwide




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Annual IQChinese Go 100 V3.0 Windows OS [Download]


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