A Text-Book on Static Electricity (Classic Reprint)


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The author was led to the preparation of thia volume by the apparent lack of any suitable work of similar description. The subject of Static Electricity is touched on in the average Physics or Natural Philosophy in a most gingerly fashion; text-books devoted entirely to electricity seem to be either Electric Machines or Alternating Currents and avoid the subject entirely save for some slight consideration of the electrodynamic aspects of the condenser; some of the very numerous Electricity and Magnetisms have a certain amount of nuatter, notiappily arranged for either a text-book or a book of reference, and are often unfortunately loose in statement and definition; and it would seem that the only adequate literature on the subject lay in papers so profound as to be practically inaccessible to the ordinary student or to him who desires to make a reference without reading whole volumes. And so the author, who has had perforce to do a certain amount of reading on the subject, ventures to put forth this work. There is little or nothing original in it, but it is hoped that by the judicious combining of the wisdom of others in lucid and orderly fashion, and by keeping strictly to the subject of Electrostatics, he has made a volume valuable to the student, the physicist, and the casual seeker after electrostatic truths.
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A Text-Book on Static Electricity (Classic Reprint)


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